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Since recently beginning my practice, I have enjoyed seeing the individualized benefits that my clients have received from the various modalities offered at Reiki-Massage Bodyworks.

The addition of this page to my website is to share with others the "possibilities" of what their body may achieve, if given the "time" to connect with itself.

Here are some client testimonials describing their personalized  experiences.  I only wish that I could have also provided their visual expressions to accompany their testimonials, but their words will have to suffice and express to you what their Body/Mind/Spirit experienced. 

If you have been to my office and have feel you have been well served, then please offer a few words about your experience to share with others who are considering future care.  Please e-mail me with your experience, initials of your first/last name and the town you live in.  I will be glad to add it to this page. 

In gratitude,


January 2016 

I recently met with Pam Bean. Initially, when you walk into Pam’s office you already feel a healing energy. The aromas are soothing and her atmosphere feels inviting. Pam conducts a complete interview and listens patiently to your medical/emotional concerns. I find that chronic medical issues over time bring about emotional concerns, in particular when experiencing chronic pain. Pam’s approach is gentle and entirely non-intrusive. She draws from a variety of skills and uses them selectively.

I was experiencing severe spasms in my calf. I had an injury a year ago and since the injury I experienced muscle spasms in my calf at night resulting in  extreme tightness causing debilitating pain. This time Pam used a method using slight  suction and magnets. I am an honest person when it comes to assessing my pain. I immediately felt relief , my calf relaxed, and has stayed relaxed. I have not had one spasm since. This of course resulted in no pain in that area.

I have seen Pam prior to this for relief from chronic pain. She works well with me with my severe headaches, neck and back pain, and neuralgia. Pam is an intuitive woman who has healing talents and skills. I feel respected by her because she always seems to deliver soft and kind treatment I highly recommend Pam Bean. 

If you are unsure, it is worth a try!

Written by A.M. Burlington,VT


"I have been a client for quite a few months now and I cannot say enough about the wonderful healing work Pam provides me.  I have serious back issues, 1 for at least 10 years now and 1 other issue for a good 2 years, and am not a fan of “drug therapy”.  I was  introduced by Pam to deep muscle massage, the Tibetan Bowls (which are wonderful by the way), Reiki, and to the Essential Oils which I have been now purchasing for home use.

All have contributed to helping me get my life back on track.  Its such a wonderful feeling to get back into doing things I have not been comfortable doing for quite some time now.  I  have to add that as soon as you walk into the office you are greeted in kind by both Pam and the wonderful aroma of Essential Oils that she uses in her sessions, which makes for a very calming start to your visit."

Thank you from a very appreciative client.

KO - Essex


"Yesterday I was gifted a foot "soak , scrub, massage " session at Reiki-Massage Bodyworks in Colchester. WOW ! What a treat. Just getting my feet in the healing warm water to soak was awesome, but the experience goes WAY beyond that. I think that my feet & lower legs went down a size . I could have slid out of my socks after. I highly recommend this "Treat for Your Feet", but it goes way beyond your feet."


"The work that Pam did for me was profound and thorough on every level.  She treated me as if I were the most important thing in the world.  Every ache and pain was gone and never returned." CM - Colchester

"Pam worked with me for well over an hour and intuitively worked out many kinks acquired over a couple of decades.  I left Pam's office feeling euphoric and rested.  I will absolutely be returning to experience Pam's talent (or gift) again." 
DR - So. Burlington

Here's what's been said about the Raindrop Therapy Technique.

"I received Raindrop Therapy yesterday.  It was the nicest treat I have ever given myself.  I was amazed at how wonderful my mind and body felt after, and today it continues."


 Here's what's been said about CranioSacral work.

 “When our young daughter had a session with Pam, it was amazing to witness our daughter’s transformation. Our daughter became more balanced and relaxed. There was marked improvement in the fluency of her speech and she later commented that her ability to think was clearer in school. Pam is a  very highly gifted practitioner who takes cranial to a whole new level! Our daughter is eager for another session!” CP - Thetford

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