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 An investment in massage is an investment in your health and wellbeing. 

 If you're feeling feeling like this, you've waited too long already. 

If you have ANY questions about massage techniques, or sessions listed on this page, please contact me.  Your belief systems, and your levels of comfort are always respected at Reiki-Massage Bodyworks.

Luxurious Foot Scrub & Moisturizing Therapy
40 minutes $55.00; Discontinued
Firstly, experience your therapeutic, all-natural anti-oxidant foot soak that will relax and ready your tired, achy feet. During the following massage therapy exfoliation process, you will receive a thorough foot and lower leg massage using a naturally scented salt or sugar scrub which has been specially blended with therapeutic grade essential oils. The finishing touch to your session is the application of rich moisturizing body butter that soothes seasonal dryness and revitalizes your relationship with your feet. 

After your session, you may choose to also include some foot reflexology utilizing the powerful relaxing quality of special sound therapy singing bowls.  These bowls are specially created for their quality and ability to resonate with the body.  You may add on a 15 minute session for an additional $15.00, combined package total of $65.00

Relaxing Swedish/ Not Deep Tissue 

1 Hr. $65.00; 90 minutes $90.00; 2 Hrs. $110.00
If you are looking for a tranquil venue where you can allow your body to relax, calm your mind, and allow your spirit the unique experience of pure relaxation, then select this massage option.  If the daily stressors have accumulated and are living in your tissues, a relaxation massage will remove stress and bring your mind/body into balance in harmony. Swedish massage is NOT a deep tissue massage, but a style of massage focused on moving toxins from the tissue through the movement of lymph.

Relaxation massage begins with the use of aromatherapy and therapeutic quality essential plant oils.  Starting with your head, face, and neck area to initialize the calming and rhythmic flow working through the body to include and soothe your feet.  This massage will take your cares away and allow your body's healing to begin. To obtain a full body session that will accomplish a therapeutic effect on specific regions of the body, please plan on a 90 minute minimum session. Clients who are familiar with massage have often commented that this is a unique experience and that they don't want to leave the table after a session. 

  If you are interested in the possibility of extending your session during your appointment, you may inquire at that time.  If possible, it can be accommodated, but to be sure the time is available please schedule it in advance.

Cupping, Magnets and Massage, with Sound Therapy  
1 hour sessions only $80.00
Clients have described this technique as "unbelievable" because of the immediate results they have seen.  Certainly everyone's experience may be different, but my clients have found this technique profound.  This is deep tissue work, reaching up to 4" beneath the surface loosening stuck fascia, releasing pressure points, and stimulating the flow of blood and lymph by decompression vs the compression technique of traditional deep tissue work.

This modality is wonderful for specific areas of muscle tension and chronic pain, accumulation of scar tissue and lactic acid build up.  This technique developed by, and unique to Reiki-Massage Bodyworks brings  the properties of decompression, magnetic poles, and sound vibration to maximize pain relief. Cups are moved over the problem areas, and can be "parked" on a specific point for up to a few minutes for more effective relief. This is NOT moxibustion, and no heat is used in this cupping process.  If you have a need for deep tissue work, I would recommend a session of cupping to assist in releasing toxins and stagnant flows of blood/lymph and toxins.  Please note:  this deep work can reach up to 4" beneath the skin's surface, so temporary pooling may appear on the skins' surface for up to a few days after a session.  This may resemble a light bruise or hickey mark.  This is a result of deep work, and should not be painful. Ongoing communication with the therapist throughout the session is required.  

Biofield Tuning Sound Balancing with Sounding Tuning Forks
$70.00 Hr.;  - 2 Hr. $120.00
This is a modality authored and taught by Eileen Day McKusick to use tuning forks to locate and restore distortions and imbalances within the body's biomagnetic energy field. Utilizing the sound vibrational frequency of specialized tuning forks within your personal energy biofield, this modality assists in bringing cohesiveness by introducing sound vibrations to balance and restore your own field's disruptions.   Hear for yourself!  You can listen to sound distortions mimic your life experience. Accumulations sound off within your body’s energy field in many ways.  Hear and feel changes as they occur when you are able to resume your balanced “tune”.

Himalayan Singing Bowl 
Sound Therapy Massage   
4 Bowl Sound Therapy  
45 minutes - $55.00;  60 minutes $60.00;   7 Bowl Chakra Sessions - 90 Mins  $85.00             
Longer therapeutic sessions available after consultation for specific needs / Singing Bowl Meditational Group Functions, call for information.  

Bath yourself in this relaxing and healing vibration of pulsing sound waves.  You will find that your body can let go of the tensions held deep inside of your tissues.  Because our body is made up of approximately 70 -80% of water, this technique is very effective in providing quickly to areas in need.  Sound travels four times faster in water.  Look at my sound therapy page for more information, but this modality is one to be "experienced." Your body will thank you. I have received many amazing responses from clients who have experienced this modality, and have stated that my technique was the best they have experienced with bowls. I continue to honor the ability of sound to reach deep into the body's consciousness and tissue and enable beneficial outcomes.
 Couple's Bowl Sessions - 90 minutes $150.00 (two adults)

Relax together comfortably clothed during this guided floor session. As your bodies are surrounded by multiple sized singing bowl vessels, you can feel yourselves being wrapped in the soothing vibrations of sound each time the waves of tones and frequencies wash over your bodies and cleanse and expand your auras.  Your limbic system will also support your experience with the additional frequencies of therapeutic quality essential oils used for your session.  Bring yourselves closer energetically with the ease and beauty of the sounds of the ancients.  Your essence will have the freedom to explore true relaxation. This is truly a unique experience and is for couples who are seeking something different to "share" with each other, together. Are you having difficulty communicating with your spouse recently. bored with doing the "dinner and a move" excursions?  Let this relaxing session assist you to feel what has been unsaid.  Warm, loose, comfortable clothing is required for this floor work.  

Not familiar with "the bowls".
The session can also be specifically designed to work with a client's needs by additional placements, and numbers of bowls used in a session.  Click here to read an abstract about ancient music and its use in wellness. To view the abstract on The Effect of Music on Human Physiology and Pathophysiology, click here. For more research on female patients utilizing sound therapy with chemotherapy treatment, click here

If considering sound therapy for use as a CAM, consult your physician first.  This modality does not replace appropriate medical treatment.


 Integrative Therapeutic Massage
 Minimum 90 min. $100.00;  2 Hr. $115.00

 This is the session most requested by clients for relaxation and balance.  This massage session works with specific areas of the  body that are in need of muscle or tissue release, more specific pain management, or deeper tissue work, but is not solely a deep tissue massage.  This session's time is specifically focused on areas outlined in the clients' intake plan if limited to a one hour session.  A one hour session  only addresses and focuses attention to the appropriate muscle groups for a client's individualized area(s) of concern.  I've achieved much success helping clients who had been demonstrating long-term limitations, and pain.  This is wonderful work for neck/shoulder strain, and for previous back injury where muscles are finding it difficult to release past trauma.

Integrative therapy means the use of multi-modality techniques to relieve muscle fatigue, strain, stress, or soreness.  If you are someone who pushes the envelope and finds that your muscles let you know it after the fact, then an integrated approach may be what can help your body recover and reduce or eliminate those aches and pains.  This is a #1 approach choice for chronic back or neck pain, stress tension, and for athletic clients. 

This massage can utilize flowing Swedish stokes to move out cellular waste and lymph, but also incorporates deeper tissue work in areas that indicate a need for release.  Additionally, Shiatsu, Reiki, Aromatherapy or other energy modalities such as Sound Balancing, Biofield Tuning, Deep breathing with Singing Bowls, Chakra Balancing, Theta Healing, Crystal, Color, Affirmations, and Dowsing may be utilized to facilitate individualized relief and support the body's healing process. 

If you are interested in a full-body session (front/back), a 90 minute minimum session should be scheduled allowing time to work longer on specific areas of concern such as back, or shoulders.  You will be glad that you gave your body the care it deserves.  
If Integrated Therapy is your desire for your session, please request it in advance when scheduling.

Not familiar with "the bowls".
The session can also be specifically designed to work with a client's needs by additional placements, and numbers of bowls used in a session.  Click here to read an abstract about ancient music and its use in wellness. To view the abstract on The Effect of Music on Human Physiology and Pathophysiology, click here. For more research on female patients utilizing sound therapy with chemotherapy treatment, click here.   

If considering sound therapy for use as a CAM, consult your physician first.  This modality does not replace appropriate medical treatment.

Chair Massage—One Hr.  $65.00  includes local travel costs   
On-site/Off-site - Seated chair massage is ideal for clients with busy schedules, business employees or special events.  Chair massage is an opportunity for break-time, lunch-time, or an after work massage appointment to reset your body's balance and bring it relief from accumulated stress.  It can easily fit into your daily schedule.  Bring a co-worker, spouse or friend!  Chair massage is convenient and offers therapeutic care for fatigued, stressed and tired muscles. It provides relief for repetitive motion discomfort, tension headaches and mind stress (fog). Each session is performed with the client fully clothed, and seated in a extremely comfortable massage chair.  Your session is also accompanied by subtle relaxation sounds/music.    

On-site minimum (in my office): 30 minutes $30.00; $60.00 Hr.
Special Circumstances: Chair massage may also be used for clients, who for individualized health reasons, cannot be placed in a prone position on a massage table for back and shoulder massage. To utilize the benefits of massage oils, a client may need to provide access to the back's surface area, but  also remain professionally draped. Chair massage for this purpose would require advance notification and an individualized wellness plan . This massage is strictly utilized for upper body work only.   If no oils are used, clients remain fully clothed.

 Off-site - Chair Massage:  Offsite Corporate or Special Event  Usual sessions are for 10-15 per employee  - 2 Hr. minimum.  Employers schedule their staff allowing ample time between employees/sessions for employee arrival and seating adjustment.  Your sessions should be provided in a designated quiet area. Massage music will be provided by the therapist to make this a truly relaxing experience.  An additional travel charge may also apply to appointments outside of the local area. 

     Usui Reiki or Karuna Reiki® Session – One Hr.  $50.00 onsite ;   $40.00 Distance Reiki Session
Reiki is both relaxing and an energy balancing session.  Reiki is conducted on a massage table with a client fully clothed, or if preferred in a massage chair.  It is beneficial for pre-and post-surgical complementary therapy for stress relief, or overall calming and wellbeing.  It is performed alone without massage techniques, or can also be included with your scheduled massage.   Chair Reiki Wellness sessions can also be scheduled for your employees at your place of business to reduce seasonal production stress. 


  Perfect for Cold & Flu Season
                          to support your immune system

Revive yourself in the Essential Oils Raindrop Technique Massage 
One Hr. $75.00
        90 Min. $100.00  

Enjoy the benefits of nature’s essential plant oils as they are dropped through your body’s auric energy fields and onto your skin.  Allow your body to relax and release tension as the oils are feather stroked over your skin and absorbed into your body.  This technique can be altered for clients with sensitive skin. It integrates Vita Flex and massage with essential oils combined with relaxing applications of warm towels.   Although the entire process can be completed in 60 to 75 minutes, extending the session to 90 minutes will allow more time for application, absorption and additional massage work.  Essential oils will continue to assist the body for 5 to 7 days, bringing balance and harmony physically, mentally and emotionally.   It is a wonderful technique for a change of seasons and an immune system support boost.


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