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Essential Oils & You

Essential Oils & You


Many of my clients already have experienced the beneficial results essential oils have provided to them.  Whether in massage, during a Reiki or Sound Healing session, as a support to relieving stressed muscles, by diffusing to assist in reducing the tension that our daily stress levels can have on our body/mind/ spirit connection, or to bring us closer to a feeling of balance.  Our limbic system is a direct processor of aroma, and has the ability to utilize aromatherapy fragrances to enhance our feelings of wellbeing.  In addition, essential oils can also assist the body to support its immune function, to disinfect germs naturally, support our levels of awareness,  support improving memory, or could be used as a natural support for cleaning things around the house. 

If you are interested in learning how to begin using essential oils whether one oil at a time, or by starting with a grouping of theraputic quality oils for use within your home, I will help you begin your journey with oils.  I have many from which you can sample and experience, and can get you started with foundational research and informational materials.  As the seasons begin their turning, one to the next, its a great time to explore the qualities of nature's own gift to us, free from harsh and potentially harmful chemicals.

I host ongoing introductory classes in a small personable setting where we can share information, experiences, and most of all FUN with essential oils.

Contact me if you are interested in being notified of upcoming class dates. 

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