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Pam Bean, LMT, MS# 39117
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Karuna Reiki®
Sound Healing Therapist -Tibetan Bowls
Biofield Tuning, Level 3 Practitioner
Certified Aromatherapist


I have a sincere interest in assisting my clients to attain wellness by providing both bodywork and energy modalities in my practice.  During the times of stress on the body/mind/spirit connections, you will find that  I offer an environment of calming relaxation that provides you with a retreat for peace and calming.  Massage and bodywork are offered in many options, and can also include a customized aromatherapy session.  It is my honor to assist you by respectfully utilizing my experience and training to provide you with the attention and detail that will facilitate your body/mind/spirit connection for wellness. 

Forty-five states, the District of Columbia and five Canadian provinces currently offer some type of credential to professionals in the massage and bodywork field - usually licensure, certification or registration.  Although it has been proposed, Vermont currently does not have licensure or regulations for massage therapists.  For a list of the states and their requirements see the following website.




However, I am a graduate of an NCBMTB registered massage therapy school in good standing and hold an NCBTMB Certification. To qualify for national certification, a student must have graduated from a school that meets NCBTMB’s curriculum and operational requirements, or the therapist meets an individualized review standard (  The  National Certification Board outlines the formal professional training hours and experience necessary to further be able to be eligible to apply for the  National Certification Exam (NCEMTB).  I have successfully passed the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy and Bodywork Exam, which sets the nation's standards for excellence in the massage profession and is a requirement for many U.S. states' licensure.  I also hold a certification as a Licensed Massage Therapist,  licensed in the state of Mississippi in October 2015.  This licensing allows me to continue with my massage work wellness practices assisting clients when I reside in that state.  It is my long-term goal to also teach continuing education there.

New to my practice as of December 2015, is Cupping, with Magnets, and Massage.  This practice supports the release of trigger point pain, tight fascia, stagnant energy flow in and around tissue/muscles, increases blood flow while releasing toxins from your tissues.  The use of magnetic poles during a cupping session is especially useful for reducing areas of acute or  long-term pain.  This is not moxibustion with heat, but suction cupping. Depending on your areas of concern, an intake consultation will be scheduled before your session.  Oftentimes, you will notice immediate results and relief.  No matter if you are just curious, or have tried other things without relief, this work is effective for deep tissue therapy.  Cupping can be a benefit to tissue up to four inches below the skin.   

In the Spring of 2012, I had seized an additional opportunity to continue with my training.  As a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher level Reiki practitioner, I have additionally completed my Karuna Reiki®  Master/Teacher Certification (#85798) in April 2012 with William Rand.

I have been nationally certified as a massage therapist (NCBTMB),  I believe that offering superior benefits to clients involves my ongoing dedication to continuing education in massage and wellness practices/techniques  with William Rand, International Center For Reiki Training.  This certification provides me with the opportunity to offer Usui and Karuna sessions to clients, and to also supports my teaching of both Usui and Karuna Reiki®  methods to students at Levels 1-Master/Teacher. 

To further benefit my clients' experience, I have also successfully completed Aromatherapy Certification with the East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies.  I utilize only the highest quality essential oils in my practice and have the formal education to use them safely with my clients.  I utilize aromatherapy extensively within my practice.  As a practitioner who understands the benefits of working with quality grade essential oils, I can also provide individualized special blends of massage oils for your session, and also supply other essential oils products for clients upon request.  My clients may also purchase the Young Living oils they experience during their sessions for their continued enjoyment at home.

To bring more specialized techniques into a session, I have completed Craniosacral Therapy training from the Upledger Institute.  After applying the knowledge learned in  the Upledger Institute's CST I and II classes, my clients are experiencing beneficial therapeutic and wellness results for ongoing health issues.

 For more information about Craniosacral Therapy and the Upledger Institute select this link.

After recently studying, experiencing and witnessing the power of  Singing Bowl Sound Therapy with an international Master Sound Healer in August 2013, and as part of an ongoing plan of study, I reached my certification in 3 Levels of Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

In April of 2014, as a student of IASH in sound healing with  instructor and  Master Sound Healer, Satya Brat, of India, I reached proficiency and received Certification for Professional Level 3 Sound Healing.  This certification has been designated for those with professional therapy offices, and to be able to offer instruction in application and technique. I am currently offering sound meditations, private sessions, and classes in Vermont., and am available to share this work at other locations upon request and consult.  

Since the Healing Arts are my primary focus and calling,  I have been working extensively with combination approaches to bodywork by incorporating the vibrational energy of sound, and Reiki energy work with practically all of my clients, yielding amazing results. Most importantly,  I also continue to volunteer at events to further support outreach into the community to share this powerful practice for stress and pain relief, and support for the body's natural defense against disease.. 

Sound healing with Tibetan/Himalayan Singing bowls is an experiential session where sound wave frequency and vibrations work with the body on a cellular level and also with the body's energy fields bringing about the release of stored toxins and energies that are no longer serving the client.  There has been documented and ongoing studies using sound bowls in a variety of situational applications.  Some seemingly miraculous results that have been associated with Tibetan Singing Bowl sessions and great strides made in applications for chronic pain relief. 

To add to the powerful, yet gentle practice of sound work to restore balance and harmony to the body/mind/spirit alignment of a whole being, I have further studied  and certified in the field of Biofield Tuning, assisting clients in achieving harmony and balance utilizing this technique of the harmonics utilizing a range of tuning forks.  This technique was developed by Eileen McKusick, well known bodyworker, teacher, and author of Tuning the Human Biofield.  I have completed Level 3 training with Eileen in 2016.  My clients have been seeing resounding beneficial results when incorporating sound applications into their therapy programs.  

Through my training in energy/esoteric modalities, and as a intuitive practitioner and dowser, I utilize a vast "toolbox" of balancing, bodywork and clearing techniques to assist clients in their restoration of wellness.

Complementary and alternative techniques are not utilized unless requested or approved by the client in order to honor everyone's specific belief system.  They are not to be construed as a replacement for allopathic medical attention, but are to be recognized as a complementary therapeutic practice when appropriate. 
Check with you physician to inquire if complementary practices are appropriate for you.

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