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NEW! Meditation With Tibetan Bowl Sound -Schedule

Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Meditation

Reiki-Massage Bodyworks is now offering personalized small group Sound Healing Meditations in its Colchester office location.  These sessions will be experiential, and by using the powerful sound vibrations of the Healing Bowls, attendees gain the benefit of this meditation on the body’s cellular level so as to gain the full Body/Mind/Spirit connection. 

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for thousands of years for practical and spiritual applications.  Singing Bowls are standing “bells” whose tones reach deep into one’s being to enhance the quieting of the mind, relaxing of the body, and restoring the body to its universal connection. 

Bring an eye pillow, floor pillow, yoga mat, throw, or seating of choice.  Some chairs are available on-site.  Also bring your water in a sealed container.   No photography or taping is permitted during this session.

The sounding of the bowls are a unique experience to each individual.  It is important to maintain a respectful environment where sound energy can flow freely.  Space is limited, so advance registration is necessary to provide a comfortable environment with ample room for attendees.  Registrations will be accepted until the session limit has been met.


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